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Version Release
11 days ago


This is the last feature release of Joyn Platform v4. We are excited to release a new v5 product in the next 4-6 weeks and will be sharing more news soon. Maintenance and security releases will still be created as needed but expect a pause in feature and improvement releases.

New Features

- The Joyn Companion App now features an entirely native speakers list for more intuitive browsing of event data before and after the event.

- The Joyn Companion App allows users to view resources natively in the mobile app for Talks/Speakers/Sessions, including analytics and view tracking.

- Resources can now be a referenced URL instead of an uploaded file. This allows for journal articles or other web content to be shown to users as resources natively in the Joyn platform.

- All video files uploaded to the Joyn platform are now automatically transcoded for adaptive streaming. This new functionality ensures that any file types not supported by web browsers for playback are fixed by the platform automatically. Video content is also optimised for low bandwidth connections, regardless of the initial video upload quality. While the transcoding process is taking place, the user-uploaded video is immediately made available and automatically replaced with the adaptive streaming files when ready. Transcoding happens at approximately 1.5x video length so a 10-minute file may take 5-7 minutes to transcode fully (this is highly dependent on the uploaded file.)

User Facing Improvements

- Fix an edge case where authors will not be displayed in the authors datatable

- Styling improvements to the News Feed

- Relock the user profile image crop to be square

- Ensure speaker default avatars are passed to the mobile app

- Make the assessment results more prominent when a user completes an assessment

- Favourite Talks are ordered by date and time in the mobile app

- Fix an error shown if there are no news feed posts when trying to access the public news feed

- Force web browsers to reload form data if users navigate back and forth with their web browser forward/backward buttons in all forms. This fixes an edge case where users may overwrite their own data if editing forms by clicking forward and backward rapidly.

Internal Changes/Updates

- Update a number of dependencies.

- Implement a reset emails task in preparation for v5 release

Version Release
20 days ago


New Features

- This is a maintenance only release

User Facing Improvements

- Allow admin users to delete newsfeed posts from the mobile app

- Remove duplicated newsfeed app feature toggle

- Show purchased session tickets in the favourite sessions view

- Remove duplicate talk items from talk rating views

Internal Changes/Updates

- Improve user chat creation performance and retry logic

Version Release
22 days ago


New Features

- This is a maintenance release only

User Facing Improvements

- Enable admin newsfeed post edit and deletion in the mobile app

- Fix an edge case where complex talk rating/review reports will show an error and fail to email

- Style assessments pages to match the rest of the platform

Internal Changes/Updates

- Update a number of dependencies.

- Improve rate limit checks for Chat APIs to ensure that users are always created/updated/deleted successfully with backoff and retry logic

Version Release
23 days ago


New Features

- Surveys can now be configured as assessments for more granular testing of knowledge. Session & Event surveys can now be marked as assessable with a pass percentage. Assessments can be limited to the number of attempts, as well as time restrictions of when the assessment can be completed. If the CPD association requires assessments to be completed, CPD is only awarded once the assessment has been completed successfully with a score equal to or above the pass percentage. Reports for each user, assessment, and assessment question are available to show detailed reporting metrics on the assessments.

- The social newsfeed has been added to the mobile app as a native feature. Turn this on from App Features in the platform, and users are able to post text and photos, reply to posts, and like posts. Posts can be moderated from the platform and users can be blocked from posting if required. This will be rolling out to the mobile app over the coming days.

- We have completely rebuilt direct messaging chat from the ground up with a number of new features and better performance. This also allows us to implement direct messaging chat in the mobile app as a native feature. Turn this on from App Features in the platform, and users are able to send direct messages to each other. Users can also block other users from sending them direct messages. Users can share images and other media via direct chat now too! This will be rolling out to the mobile app over the coming days.

- A new public setting has been added to the menu builder. This enables the menu to be visible in the mobile app before users have logged in. This functionality is only relevant to those with custom-built mobile apps and doesn't apply to the regular Joyn app.

- Users can export a static calendar ICS file of their favourited sessions. This ICS file is emailed to the user, where they can import this into their calendar. We recommend against using or recommending this as it is a static export, and users will not automatically receive updates to their calendars if the session is changed or cancelled.

User Facing Improvements

- Update the Stripe payments API to the latest version. This fixes a deprecation in the Stripe API that was causing the payments screen to not load.

- We are scoping Session Types in the Capstan importer along with a number of improvements to allow for faster data updates while on site

- ePoster filters and the search will now not show Session Type or Venue filters as these don't apply to ePosters

- The EventsAir importer now supports a phone column to allow for passcode token auth from EventsAir users

- All passcode tokens are now valid for 24 hours and can be reused multiple times. This reduces friction onsite for users who may have lost their passcode token email or struggle to find it in their inbox.

- Fix an internal error message when reassigning talks to talk reviewers

- Improve onsite CPD calculation performance

- Fix an internal erroneous error message when non-logged-in users start the registration process

- The user login report is now visible to all admin users

- We have improved the logic of the /now view to be more performant and accurate

- The talk rejection notifier and talk acceptance notifier emails can now include more Talk information as variables

- An edge case where uploading more than one resource to a Talk or Session would require the user to refresh the page

- Fix a HTTP 406 error that would appear when a user creates a new lead

Internal Changes/Updates

- Update a number of dependencies.

- Create a number of new views to enable VoD, ePoster viewing, and Survey completion in the mobile app. This will be available in the upcoming weeks in the mobile app

Version Release
a month ago


New Features

- Implement News Feed & Chat into the Joyn Companion App.

- Pass through event nomenclature (i.e. Agenda name) to the Joyn Companion App.

*The above functionalities will be rolling out over the coming weeks to all platforms using the mobile app. Further details will be shared when these features are generally available in the mobile app itself.*

User Facing Improvements

- A number of quality of life improvements have been made to the eOrganiser integration.

- Fix an edge case where users submitting talks where an admin user had hidden a field but made mandatory would throw an invisible error. Validation of fields will only now occur for fields shown to users.

- Allow users to always see their submitted talk video/ePoster content after submission, regardless of the status of the talk.

- Always show filter views to mobile users.

- Only show Session Types for the current event in the mobile app

Internal Changes/Updates

- Update a number of dependencies.

- Fix a non user facing error where speaker names are flagged twice in certain use cases.

Version Release
Apr 11, 2023


New Features

- Session Check In for mobile app users can be configured as an app feature, optionally allowing users to check into a Session with a button

User Facing Improvements

- Improve image processing for clients based in US and UK regions

- Fix an error shown to admin users when a user with an invalid phone number attempt to login to the mobile app

- Optimise a number of mobile app screens for smaller screens

Internal Changes/Updates

- None

Version Release
Apr 06, 2023


New Features

- We are introducing a news feed capability to the Joyn Companion App. This allows event organisers and attendees to share posts and images as a newsfeed similar to social platforms, like, comment, and share posts. This is a new feature and will be rolled out to all events over the next few weeks. Admin moderation of content is available for Admin users. In a future release this will be enabled for users of the web platform.

User Facing Improvements

- Add Session Check In/Check Out buttons in Mobile App API

- Fix an edge case where images in non Australian regions were unable to upload specific image files

- Only show Session Types for the current event in the Schedule Filter and admin form

- No longer require admin users to fill out all fields on the Page Header customisation page in order to submit the form

- Add a number of API changes for the mobile app

- Allow admin users to disable a shorter user account creation process

Internal Changes/Updates

- Update a number of dependencies.

- Increase the frequency of BI checks

- Remove a now unused service worker from caching static assets. This has been deprecated in favour of our other content caching strategies.

Version Release
Apr 04, 2023


New Features

- None. This is a maintenance release only.

User Facing Improvements

- Fix an error showing to users when editing registrations missing custom field responses

- Implement new API's for mobile application to use

- Fix a layout bug showing authors multiple times in the Talk show page

- Allow users to enable or disable password login for the mobile app

- Many internal improvements to the the Capstan import integration

- Add Client ID header to VoD reports

Internal Changes/Updates

- Update a number of dependencies.

Version Release
Mar 31, 2023


New Features

- Admin users can now edit registration responses on behalf of registrants directly from the admin tools. Admins no longer have to log in as the user to edit their registration responses

- SMS One Time Passcodes can be sent from the Platform to users with a valid mobile/cell phone number. This feature sends an SMS code within 1-2 seconds. The user can auto-fill into the App for a smoother login process

- Admin users can now see the six-digit app login passcode for users from the admin users table. This will allow registration team members to assist users in quickly logging into the mobile app

User Facing Improvements

- When sending emails from bulk notifications, all emails will reply to the Tenant's help email address

- When processing images, we now ignore invalid data checks to always successfully process the image, regardless of the record's data validity

- Update the defaults for the passcode email so it always sends by default

- The passcode login email text has been updated to reflect SMS passcode sending and app improvements

- Specific Korean characters were preventing reports from emailing successfully

- Page header customisation now updates on all available pages

- Fix an error making the filter and search options not keyboard accessible

- All import templates are now stored in UTF-8 format to ensure easy import in the Platform

- User Support is always shown to admin users in the admin and reporting tools

- Adjust some event feature defaults when creating new events to reflect current client use of the Platform better

- We now show the Membership ID of users in the VoD reports

- Exhibitor Days, a long deprecated field in the Exhibitors Form, has been removed

- Admin Users will always see the Connect With button on sponsor and exhibitor pages

- Adjust the label of two CPD report menu buttons for clarity

- The registration report has improved performance, particularly with large data sets

- Fix an error requiring a reupload of Exhibitor and Sponsor logo images

- Fix the same error as above requiring reupload of custom invoice and invitation letter templates

- Correctly align table headers on the admin talks report

- Question responses and the name of the responding user are now shown in the questions report

Internal Changes/Updates

- Update a number of dependencies.

- Ensure the showcase internal platforms always update the demo data, with better alerting if failures occur

- Update node.js version on all containers

- Create session permissions helpers for the mobile app API

Version Release
Mar 27, 2023


New Features

- None

User Facing Improvements

- Improve handling of CSV email when reporting on uploaded word documents and other non-standard files.

- Re-add the short user registration field to the Tenants form, allowing admins to turn on or off the Complete Your Profile user creation step.

- Correctly handle registration cancelled by the selector in email variables.

- Numerous improvements to language, look and feel, and usability of talk ratings as per internal feedback. Users can now also create conflicts of interest once an initial rating has been saved, allowing for more flexibility in the rating process.

Internal Changes/Updates

- Update a number of dependencies.

- Only sync to IVS nightly, but use hooks to keep individual video channels up to date as they are updated.

- Restructure file upload initialisation to prevent erroneous errors.

- Prevent erroneous errors showing when trying to send emails to users that don't need specific file attachments.