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Version Release
Mar 25, 2023


New Features

- Enable six digit passcode login for users in the mobile app. The user will be sent a six digit passcode which can be used to complete the app login, making for a quicker login experience at an event.

- Implement individual talk type submission windows, allowing for finer grained time based controls for talk submissions.

- A new Talk Ratings window has been added to each Talk Type. If the talk type is not in it's rating window, talk raters can see their existing ratings but are unable to edit/delete. This allows for a more controlled rating experience.

- We have added a new field to the Talks page called Talk Raters. This allows admin users to assign specific users to rate specific talks. When users go to rate talks they can rate all talks from themes they organise AND all talks individually assigned to them.

- Talk Raters can be imported via CSV, allowing users to create their own rating assignments en masse and import to the Platform.

- Talk Raters can now always see talks they are assigned to rate, talks they have already rated, and the responses they have given to those talks.

- Talk raters can now edit their existing ratings during the Talk Ratings window for the Talk.

- A new first party integration with eTechSuite's eOrganiser has been implemented. A near real time sync of complete program information is now available for eOrganiser users, ensuring the Joyn Platform has a full and accurate program available for your Event.

- When users are commencing a registration, instead of being directed to login or create an account, they are prompted to enter their email. If the user account exists, they are prompted to enter their password to continue. Alternatively, the user can receive an email link to automatically login the user and resume the registration process. If the user's email is not present in the system, they are prompted to enter their details and automatically continue the registration process. This creates a much more streamlined registration experience for users new and existing.

- Admin users can now add notes to registration records directly from the admin views. This allows a quick sharing of information about updates/changes to the registration which the registration process more efficient.

- Admin users can now edit registration custom responses on behalf of users.

- Delegate Types can now be excluded from group registration where utilised. Disabling group registration for a delegate type will hide this delegate type from the group registration view, preventing users from registering for this delegate type in a group.

- Users can now vote on question in livestream pages. This allows users to vote on questions in the livestream page, allowing the event organiser to see which questions are most popular and should be answered first. The speaker/moderator tools show the number of votes in the question list, allowing the speaker to see which questions are most popular.

User Facing Improvements

- Fix a number of edge cases where talk submissions reports will not send in a timely manner

- Ensure the session live watch report sends with correct data

- Force character encoding on all report exports to ensure Excel for Mac can open them without issues

- Institution fields are now directly editable on the Author fields in talk submissions

- Institution fields are also now reflected in the talks pages throughout the Platform

- The mobile app will now always show the Default Event as the event shown to users when first logging in

- Fix a validation error requiring custom page headers to fill in more information than needed

- A number of improvements have been made to various integrations. All integration frequencies have been increased to import/update/sync data much quicker than previously possible

- When submitting a talk, users no longer have the option of rejecting the event terms and conditions, they are unable to submit until they accept the terms and conditions. The modals showing these terms and conditions and event policies has been restyled to improve layouts and readability.

- Speaker names are correctly formatted in talk submission emails

- Fix a bug where the group registration reconciliation view was hidden if invoice payments was disabled

- Fix an edge case where uploading multiple resources on Talks would not submit after the first resource unless the user explicitly selected true of false for the featured setting

- Basic registration fields are now editable in the registration setup record instead of in the Event form for better UI experience

- Prevent an erroneous error when adding a table in a rich text area

Internal Changes/Updates

- Update a number of dependencies.

- Prevent long running background jobs enqueueing themselves multiple times

- Prevent erroneous errors from search engine bot crawling activity

- Ensure all build/deployment steps are exiting with correct codes

- Implement email based checks for specific background job conditions

- Users can implement custom background jobs by invoking rake tasks directly from the front end where enabled

Version Release
Mar 17, 2023


New Features

- None

User Facing Improvements

- Add a link to our release notes/updates in the admin and reports sidebar menues for easy client access.

- Add instagram profile links to User/Speaker profiles

- Fix a performance bug with the asyncronous image uploader

- Add the question text to the answer window so people can see the question they are answering

- Further tweaks to the invoice layout

- Force all uploaded files to either be featured or not featured. This solves a sorting bug for resources

- Allow admins to submit talks without authors in the admin tools

Internal Changes/Updates

- Update a number of dependencies.

- Disable IVS sync when AWS is not configured

Version Release
Mar 16, 2023


New Features

- When users are submitting talks, they can select an "author type" for each author. These author types can each be configured with different types of questions the user must answer. For example, you can configure a "Student" author type to ask for the student's school, and a "Professional" author type to ask for the user's employer. This is useful for collecting information about the contributing authors of submitted papers. This data is shown throughout the rating/review process, and is available in key reports.

- PayPal PayFlow Pro is now a supported payment gateway for registration. This includes support for purchase and automatic refund. Additionally, users can specify both a fixed amount and a percentage of the registration fee to be charged as a processing fee which aligns with PayPal's fee structure.

- In addition to our standard discounting methods (percentage based or fixed discount) we now support a fixed registration amount. This allows conference organisers to set a fixed registration fee for specific users, regardless of the delegate type selected or it's current price.

- All image uploads are now processed asynchronously. This means that when you upload an image, it will be processed in the background and you will be able to use it immediately. Previously, you would have to wait while the server processed your image before you could continue working.

- IMIS client specific member validation has been implemented. Users can now be promoted to enter their member number for validation, or be forced to pay non memmber pricing.

User Facing Improvements

- Improve an edge case where a talk submission report may not be generated.

- When users email a CSV list/report to themselves, we forcibly specify the correct character encoding in the email headers. This should prevent some issues where the CSV file is interpreted by Microsoft Excel on Mac with jibberish characters instead of east asian language or scientific characters.

- Improve Q&A/Polling views in the Mobile App

- Improve tracking metrics for ePoster kiosk mode

- Updated a number of event feature defaults to align with sensible defaults

- Billing and postal addresses are now shown in the Registrations Report

- Fix an issue where the user report wouldn't include custom user fields

- Implement new language on a user's favourites page to align with the content on the page, not use a generic header

- The delegate name will now always appear on a tax invoice, even if the registration is billed to an organisation

- The event name will now appear on the tax invoice below the delegate type selection

- Implement a new event feature to allow admin users to hide Session rooms/type/themes from the Agenda page. This is a useful feature for small events or webinars where there aren't multiple types, rooms, or themes.

- Standardise the profile picture upload button text to match other upload buttons

- Lead capture for exhibitors and sponsors will only be shown to users with a valid registration when registration is enabled

- Improve the language in the iCal event calendar invite attached to registration emails

- When a user submits a talk submission, they are now redirected to their submission page instead of the home page

- Fix an edge case where asking a question will show the user the internal question information instead of the question text

- Group registration emails will be BCC'd to the Tenant's accounts email, not just individual registration emails

- Fix an edge case where exhibitor and sponsor additional lead capture fields require the exhibitor to submit the field before being able to specify options on multiple option questions

Internal Changes/Updates

- Update a number of dependencies.

- Internal improvements to data migration performance

- Showcase script in development is running correctly again

Version Release
Mar 14, 2023


New Features

- Allow admins to exclude talk rating questions from the talk review scoring process. Useful for allowing capture of information that does not affect ratings directly but may be useful to the organisers. i.e. "Are there any possible conflicts with the ethics and policies of the conference?".

- Admin users can now impersonate other non admin user accounts to provide assistance with their account. Admin users can interact as the user and assist in testing, registration, and other tasks.

- Talk Rating Questions are now able to be limited to specific talk types. This allows conference organisers to ask different questions for different types of talks, i.e. ePosters might have different questions than workshops.

- Sessions and Talks can be marked as "Private". Private talks are no longer shown to users in the front end of the Platform. This allows admins to hide dinner functions, private gatherings, or items that shouldn't be shown to attendees. Overlap scheduling and other quality of life features still work when a session or talk is marked as private. Private sessions and talks are still visible to admins and in all reports/back of house views.

- All admin views and reports now have an "Email CSV Report" button which allows admins to email a CSV report to themselves of all records in the report. This is useful for sharing reports with other admins, exporting large volumes of data (i.e. 2500 talk submissions), or for exporting data to other systems.

User Facing Improvements

- Many app and related internal improvements have been made.

- A number of improvements have been made to the Talk Submission and related lists/reports. Performance has been improved dramatically also.

- Improve bulk email and notification performance.

- Standardise full name variables in emails.

- App embedded content improvements for live interaction (additional hiding of controls, etc.)

- Show users that have rated talks and provide their average rating in the talk review pages.

- Only delete custom registration responses when a registration has its Delegate Type changed.

- When using the mobile app, always select the English locale if the user's locale is not supported.

- Styling improvements for images.

- Fix a recently introduced issue with reports throwing errors with some filter conditions.

- Limit the number of records shown in list views to 100 records per page for performance reasons.

- Improve profile image layouts, ensuring profile images are always 1:1 aspect ratio.

- Improve layouts of a number of pages used for live production team support.

Internal Changes/Updates

- Update a number of dependencies.

- Improve code linting and formatting parameters.

- Stop throwing erroneous errors with automatic livestream creation APIs.

- Introduction of additional agenda API endpoints for Production team usage.

Version Release
Mar 03, 2023


New Features

- None

User Facing Improvements

- Performance improvements across talk ratings & reviews

- Update reporting record selection across list views

- Real time data sync of admin registrations to integrations

Internal Changes/Updates

- None

Version Release
Mar 02, 2023


New Features

- Add an event feature to allow users to hide Talk descriptions and information in the ePoster kiosk browser

- Admin users can import interests and interest categories in bulk via CSV

User Facing Improvements

- Improve the user experience of browsing web content within the mobile app

- Improve layouts of some custom page layouts

- Enhance kiosk search response performance

- Fix an edge case where survey responses are not visible to non-admin users

- During initial registration flow, if a user changes their Delegate Type, all irrelevent data is removed from the registration record

- Prevent a nil error appearing for admin users manipulating livestream records

- Resolve a warning appearing to admin users looking at session add on reporting

- Additional fields have been added to talk reports for better visibility of talk information

- Improve meeting time display in sent emails

- Refund values are shows in the primary registration reporting table

- Fix an edge case where admins are unable to delete talks from sessions in the scheduler

- Implemented talk question answers in admin views for talk reviews

- Ensure Address Line 2 is shown in custom invoice templates

- Show the correct delegate type group page header in all scenarios

- When editing a custom page we only show delegate types relating to the current event

- Improve styling of radio buttons for some modal forms

- Improve search performance for talk reviews and ratings

- Add Talk Type filtering to the talk rating an reviews capabilities

- Add additional record number filters to Datatables views

Internal Changes/Updates

- Update a number of dependencies

- Implement a a new control plane for live stream creation/destruction/controls

- Remove erroneous errors on contact forms

- Implement local healthchecks for the control plane to improve health detection and reporting

Version Release
Feb 07, 2023


New Features

- None

User Facing Improvements

- Allow options to be empty when creating surveys
- Only allow super admins to access login activity reports
- Only show the survey to users if there are talks assigned to the sessions
- Fix ePoster kiosk styling in some unusual content aspect ratios
- Ensure speakers will always remain linked to a Talk when updated, even if there is an error with the Speaker record
- Fix Date/Time picker styling on reports

Internal Changes/Updates

- Update a number of dependencies.
- Optimise SSM calls for IVS (edited)

Version Release
Feb 05, 2023


New Features

- A number of new support features for the mobile app v2023.2.0

User Facing Improvements

- Correct an edge case where non responses will throw an error in dropdown fields & rich text areas

- Correct an edge case where non responses will throw an error in talk review pages

- Add over 100 new variables to email templates and improve the email template editor

- Add new veriables to the CPD certificate template

- Improve survey submission performance and layouts

- Improve performance of talk update submissions

- Improve search performance on complex queries

- Stop showing additional fields as a default state in error (red text)

- Allow users to download session QR codes

- Improve the Session list view

- Further improvements to geolocation for Registration Tax purposes

- Scope talk rating questions to an event

- Speakers are always linked to talks, even when the speaker object has errors

- Update the internal Stripe API support

- Add further informaiton to users in the user login report

- Force at least one author to be present in a Talk submission

- Force resync swiftium registration statuses until successfully synced

- Improve radio box styling

- Improve chat creation performance for new users

- Fix an edge case where contact submissions would not show user data to admins

- Improve conditional filtering in list views

- Improve and update the rich text editor

Internal Changes/Updates

- Update a number of dependencies

- Improve policy checks for API calls

- Fix user impersonation testing

Version Release
Jan 16, 2023


Internal only release for some internal tidy ups from data migrations in 4.0.1

Version Release
Jan 16, 2023


New Features

- Upgrade surveys to use the new field types for more flexibility. This is a precursor to assessments capabilities. All existing data is migrated to the new format.

- Admin users (Non Joyn Staff) can now send bulk notifications from the admin tools. This allow for mass communication with clients, speakers, authors, etc. for specific circumstances. This is a precursor to a more robust communications package in the event platform.

- When reviewing talks, admin users and reviewers can now review the talk as "a conflict of interest". By submitting a conflict of interest the user is shown to have completed the review but no ratings are stored or calculated in the overall rating. Excluded reviews are included in rating and review reports and views.

User Facing Improvements

- Ensure all mandatory field settings are respected in all forms.

- Add visibility of registration billing/postal addresses in the admin tools.

- In certain circumstances, changing an author's status wouldn't be reflected when users are editing their talk submissions.

- Fix an error where client resources are unavailable for download.

- Resolve edge cases where registrations would show a nil value when data not selected.

- Revert a change making custom pages impossible to edit when using translations.

- A user submitting a talk application can always edit this submission and see it's status, even if they aren't a speaker or author.

- Fix odd styling on radioboxes/checkboxes where the box is shown twice.

- Resolve an edge case where favourites will show an error when no results are returned via API.

Internal Changes/Updates

- Update a number of dependencies.