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Version Release
Jan 10, 2023


New Features

- General availability of our 2023 version Mobile App. With a fresh new look and a near complete rebuild for performance, we are excited to bring you the best mobile app experience yet. This version is available for all customers.

- New Onsite Check-In/Out view has been created for admin users when not using QR codes, available at Onsite Registrations in the Admin Tools. Admin users can check in and check out attendees with a simple button click. This is useful when QR codes are not in use at smaller events/venues.

- Add an audit log for all QR scans as a report.

User Facing Improvements

- Custom menu items can now be added to the web platform, mobile app, or both. This is useful for adding links to external resources or specific custom pages not available natively in the Mobile App.

- In certain cases, Joyn staff would see validation errors on forms when not in Basic Mode. This has been fixed across all admin tools views.

- When a user is not signed in and attempts to register, automatically resume the registration journey when the user signs in or creates an account.

- Update a number of icons and restyle these icons to be more consistent across the platform.

- When a user goes offline, they are now presented a Joyn branded offline notification. Every 10 seconds the Platform tries to reconnect and will automatically reload when connected again. This is useful for people with poor WiFi or other connectivity issues.

- The visa invitation letter will now be sent to the attendee's email address in the registration_acceptance_mailer when configured.

- Update the search box and search layouts.

- Fix a black background visible in survey responses.

- Align registration tables to be vertically centred.

- Adjust a number of styling issues in the networking rooms.

- Address back-of-house VoD tooling look and feel issues.

- Add a number of new icons to the icon pack.

- Fix an edge case where not selecting add-ons resulted in an error.

- Allow blank titles and footers in registration invoice PDF's.

- Fix an edge case where editing your interests will show an error.

- Fix an edge case where talks without any speakers would be shown to users as their own talks in their contribution profile section.

- Improve handling of importer files in certain conditions.

- Improve search performance when no results are found.

- Address an edge case where registration custom pages would show an error when no content was added.

- Address a scenario where registration tax calculation would show 0% when a user's geography can not be determined.

- Admin users can edit a user's billing address in their registration record.

Internal Changes/Updates

- Update a number of dependencies.

- Disable unused internal monthly metrics.

- Migration to Webpack 5 with a myriad of internal changes and upgrades.

- Migration of all styling to Webpack loading for performance and page load improvements.

- Remove unused internal database columns and tables.

- Fix many deprecations ready for Ruby 3.2

Version Release
Jan 02, 2023


Internal only release to fix an internal scheduling regression

Version Release
Jan 02, 2023


New Features

- Rebuilt the talk submission report to show admins all submitted talks and all additional fields, useful for when admins need to export this information for third party systems/stakeholders. This report is available at /reports/talks/submissions

User Facing Improvements

- Improve a number of form field layouts for basic/advanced form views

- Change the /now page to show all sessions currently scheduled and any sessions starting in the next 30 minutes

- Deprecated Exhibitor Artwork Submission form has been removed to prevent confusion

- Complete rewrite of javascript i18n international translations. Reduces first page load size by approx 2MB and improves performance

- Move some of our oldest integration configurations (CVENT/Capstan) to the integrations page for consistency. All existing integrations have been migrated automatically

Internal Changes/Updates

- Update a number of dependencies, including security updates

- Update a number of dependencies to mitigate breaking changes

- Improve test case handling for specific edge cases

- Increase our release build time by pre-compiling i18n-js files during release process

- Update the Zendesk support widget to connect to the updated Zendesk account location (

Version Release
Dec 23, 2022


This release resolves an edge case to prevent previously incorrect author data from being migrated to the new data structure. There is no impact to data or client facing functions.

Version Release
Dec 23, 2022


New Features

- When sending the User Import and Registration Notification emails, an ics calendar file is attached to the email. This allows users to add the event to their calendar with a single click.

Basic Registration

When using the Joyn Event Platform for short format events or where you do not need to collect payment or ask attendees specific questions, you can now take advantage of 'Basic Registration' for the event. When this is turned on for the event, as soon as a user logs in and views any page/clicks any action for the event, they are automatically registered for the event.

This functionality has a number of key use cases;

  • Webinars without payment
  • Short format events like information sessions
  • Events that are open to the public (open days etc.)

As users must have a valid account and login, the usual restrictions of allowing/disallowing users to create accounts or importing users from a CSV/external tool still apply. All reporting and analytics are still available for these events.

All users are registered using a delegate type called 'Basic Registration'. If this delegate type does not exist, one is automatically created for you. This delegate type automatically gets access to all content for the event.

All events using our Event Builder tool automatically enable this feature by default.

User Facing Improvements

- Correctly handle the home page count down timer based on new time zone changes introduced in 2022.

- Update all default page header text to be more consistent and clear.

- Fix a scenario where event search is disabled even when an admin has enabled the feature.

- Improve image upload performance and provide better feedback to users when there is an error (i.e. uploading the wrong file type or an image that is too large).

- A number of small layout tweaks have been introduced to improve the overall user experience of networking rooms.

- Improve the UI for talk rating and review processes for committee members (reviewers) and admin users.

- Standardise the look and feel of all tables in the /my account area.

- Fix a UI bug where additional fields may be shown numtiple times.

- Overhaul authors in the Talk Submission/Rating/Review process. Authors now have individual name fields for first/list/prefix/suffix and rich text bios to provide a better and more consistent experience compared to Speakers.

- Allow users to return to a previous step in the Registration process when viewing the event agreement.

- Add additional template information in the Visa Letters attached to Registration Emails.

- If a registration requires approval from an admin and the registration is free and does not require signing an agreement, when an admin user clicks approve the user registration is automatically completed. Users no longer need to click the link in the email to complete the registration.

- Add an event feature to allow sorting interests by position in the list or alphabetically.

Internal Changes/Updates

- Update a number of dependencies including security patches.

- Upgrade to Ruby 3.0 for improved performance and security.

- Upgrade from Puma 5 to Puma 6 for vastly improved performance in TLS and large payload handling. This introduces a noticiable improvement in page responsiveness.

- Update integration with third party meeting tools to support new self service features coming Q1 2023.

- Implement additional testing for specific edge cases.

- Remove storybook from main application.

- Remove sass glob importer to improve build performance and reduce dependencies.

Version Release
Dec 12, 2022


New Features

- Joyn staff will always see the advanced form view in the admin views

User Facing Improvements

- Optimisations for the mobile app layouts

- Use event nomenclature in ePoster kiosk mode

- Allow embedding custom HTML in announcement pages for additional flexibility

- Always allow users to upload a mobile app logo in the tenant form

- Improve file uploads for Platforms hosted in US/EU regions

- Improve the performance of the exhibitor category listing in the admin tools

Internal Changes/Updates

- Update a number of dependencies

- Futher improvements to code base linting

Version Release
Dec 07, 2022


New Features

- None

User Facing Improvements

- Improve text layouts in the registration and talk submission forms

- Ensure radio box validations in registration forms always check for valid responses

Internal Changes/Updates

- Update a number of dependencies.

- Add additional linting to code base.

Version Release
Dec 06, 2022


New Features

- None

User Facing Improvements

- Align all registration & onboarding text blocks to the left.

Internal Changes/Updates

- Update a number of dependencies.
- Add additional code base linting on pull request merge.
- Implement the session_attendance sidekiq queue for real time session attendance data. 

Version Release
Dec 05, 2022


User Facing Improvements

- Fix an error in rendering checkboxes, caused by a missing space.

Version Release
Dec 03, 2022


This is a maintenance release to migrate all old content (2021 and earlier) to use the Joyn Global CDN for better file access and performance.

Internal Changes/Updates

- Migrate all old VoD content links to the Joyn global CDN.