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Version Release
Nov 04, 2022


New Features

- None

User Facing Improvements

- Reduce import time for registrations from BCOM by 50%

Internal Changes/Updates

- Update a number of dependencies for security fixes.

- Add a number of improvements to the native mobile app.

- Add contextual information to performance monitoring tooling.

Version Release
Oct 31, 2022


User Facing Improvements

When submitting a new talk application from /talks/new, users can now create one or more speakers based on the authors list. The user who submits the form is no longer automatically created as the Speaker for the Talk. Users can create an unlimited number of Speakers (presenting authors).

Improve the performance of uploading large files in the registration forms from around the globe.

Improve the user interface of polling results for moderators/chairpersons on mobile devices.

Improve/fix minor inconsistencies in the new admin/report builders UI. Specifically focused on additional date handling and improved sorting.

Internal Changes/Updates

Update a number of dependencies for security fixes.

Version Release
Oct 23, 2022



- There are no changes that are user facing in this release. Our team have been optimising some behind the scenes functions that allow us to get new features to you quicker in the future!

Version Release
Oct 22, 2022


New Features

We are so happy to introduce a complete refresh of the admin list views UI. Although the overall look and feel is the same, we have made a number of major improvements!

Users in any view will now be able to:

  • Sort columns
  • Show/hide columns
  • Generate custom reports (views) with custom filters and parameters
  • Save these custom views for later viewing, and;
  • Export these custom views to CSV and PDF

We are incredibly excited to bring this new feature to our users, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Thank you to all beta testers of this feature as we continue to improve our overall experience for you.

User Facing Improvements

- Removed email open and click tracking from the email reports as this functionality has been removed from the underlying service providing this functionality.

- Support emails and logos on error pages have been updated to be consistent with the rest of the platform.

- Bulk email sending has been moved to a background job to improve performance. Email sending should feel more responsive in the Platform and the email sending process won't take any longer to deliver.

- Update the check on the /agenda page to always show the current event date when an event is running. This prevents users from having to manually choose today's date when the page loads.

Internal Changes/Updates

- Update a number of dependencies for security fixes.

- Displaying polling results to the livestream page has been temporarily removed as we are working on improvements to the interface for users on small devices.

Version Release
Oct 14, 2022



- Show polling percentages AND number of votes in polling results. This provides better context as to how many people voted, and the overall percentage of the votes
- When a user signs into a second device, immediately redirect the first device to the home page and show a notice the user has been logged out
- Improve load performance of specific images in very old platforms (2020 and earlier)

Version Release
Oct 08, 2022


New Features

- Our Swiftium integration has been promoted from beta to being generally available to all customers. Thank you to all users who have participated in our beta program
- Generalise a number of API integrations to be usable by all clients


- Migrate all icons to the Phosphor icon set for better usability and generally better look and feel
- Fixed a specific scenario where pending group registration invitations could be locked out of their invitation if they try and register themselves again
- Add additional flexibility to the EventsForce API integration to support additional types of user data
- Improve font customisation for better white labelling

Version Release
Oct 01, 2022


New Features

- A new view that shows all group registration records, with the ability to resend group registration tax invoices has been implemented. Admin users can better manage group registrations and individual registrations within these.


- Internal improvements to time zone handling in specific use cases
- Improve layouts for specific screen sizes (Samsung Z Fold and other unique screen sizes)
- Improve colour scheme handling for easier custom branding of the Platform by clients
- Ensure registrations fall back to the default price if there is a gap between registration dates, instead of hiding this delegate type from being able to registered
- CPD can be enabled after an event has taken place

Version Release
Sep 26, 2022



- No user-facing improvements in this release.
- Internal improvements for reliability logging

Version Release
Sep 23, 2022



- Only show talk applications and speakers admin views to show information for the current event, not all events
- Only calculate CPD information when users are eligible for CPD

Version Release
Sep 21, 2022



- Allow users with an existing in-progress registration to be registered with a Group Registration